Industrial Strength / Industrial Applications

Application Specific / Ergonomic Tethers minimize impact on productivity and provide a lasting safety device
• As you approach 100% tie off requirements, there is no one tether that does it all.
• Wide variety of tethers to provide safety yet minimize impact on productivity
• Easy interchange system for fast tool changeout.
• Smart tethering Solutions that allow you to tether tools without impacting the use of that tool.
• ANSI 121

  1. Personal Tool Tethers

    Coil type tethers for attachment to a person

  2. Anchored Tool Tethers

    For Attaching to a structure instead of a person

  3. Retractable Tool Tethers

    Low Profile attachment to a person

  4. Wrist Lanyards

    Attaches to the Wrist

  5. Hard Hat Tethers

    For Securing a Hardhat

  6. Vest-Mounted Tethers

    Application Specific Tethers designed to integrate into a Vest

  7. Anchor Attachment Accessories

    Provides anchor points on the body or structure

  8. Tool Attachment Accessories

    To Fabricate attachments to tools without tool modification

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  7. TL1-3014

  8. TL1-3021

  9. TL1-3021 10-Pack

  10. TL1-3022

  11. TL1-3022 10-Pack

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