Pay attention to your gun/bow and not worry about your Gear.

Flexible Mounting and Attachment systems to secure your Gear, Prevent Loss and allow you to concentrate on your hunt/game without worry about your Gear

  1. Instrument / Gear Tethers

    Great for Rangefinders, GPS, Dog Transmitters & Trackers

  2. Retractable Holsters

    Worry about your hunt and not your gear – keeps your hand close at hand but securely tethered to your body

  3. Duck Call Lanyards

    Tangle Proof / Reconfigurable Duck Call Lanyard

  4. Micro Retractors

    Never lose your expensive smart phone

  5. General Gear Retractors / Tethers

    Most popular Retractors…select model by retraction force and mounting option

  6. Q/C Accessories

    Quick Connect Accessories

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